Wixel - Blood Red Bird

by wixel

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Here we are, the third edition of the 12 months, 12 records thing. I guess most of you already know what it is about. It’s a project in which I force myself to record and release a record within each month of the year 2009. After two instrumental months, I thought it was a good moment to experiment with vocals. I adore singer songwriters like Smog, Phil Elvrum, Adrian Orange etc.. but I always had trouble singing. It’s not easy singing in tune, and I honestly don’t know why it is so easy to some and so difficult to others. A few years ago I decided to not care about my vocal skills and just sing. First attempts were terrible, but after a while you get to know what your voice can do and what it can’t. I’m not saying it is good now, but it is ok for me. Maybe in a few decades I can sing like Justin Timberlake. That would be it.

So, these songs are basically a temporary glimpse into the process. I glued all those songs together with some more typical wixel sounds; decaying guitar strums, looped melodica, a whole lot of glockenspiel and slowness. Everything was written and recorded during this month except “Across the Sea” and “Homeless Hearts”. I recorded them this month, but wrote them much earlier. 3 and 2 years ago respectively.

Thanks for listening!


released March 31, 2009

“Blood Red Bird”

“Blood Red Bird” is also the title of a song by Smog. It references to “Bloedrood” which is dutch for “blood red” and which was my first singersongwriter recording name.

All songs written, performed and recorded by Wim Maesschalck in the month of March ‘o9, except the backing vocals by Kristof Deneijs on “Old Summer Songs” and the vocals of the second part of “Into ”the forever” We Hum” were made and recorded by Ellen Evers of The Puddle Parade. “Across The Sea” and “Homeless Hearts” were written in 2006-2007.

Artwork was made by Jo, inspired by some random bird images on google image search.

“Hum For The Domino Sparrow” is dedicated to the poor sparrow ‘faunabeheer’ killed because it almost ruined their anual domino day. It was such a tragic/comic event. Never forget.

“The Forever” is the place where birds go when they die, also known as “The Big Black Nowhere”. I don't like the word "heaven" but I guess it's similar yet more real.



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Track Name: I Found A Sleeping Bird
sleep inside my tumbling eyes while i fold clouds, sway in my hair, while the sun sets its course to another world of lights, somehow i long for a sleep that never ends, a sun that never rises, let me limp into your big black soft nowhere
Track Name: Old Summer Songs
time will lose it usual ways
while you accumulate your mistakes
life takes your youth to become a man
but, oh, what ah price to pay
summer songs, they don't stay long
i miss you
innocense is what it takes
to understand just who you are
no summer love will bring you near
feel our drying hearts color black
summer songs, they don't stay long
i miss you tonight
summer songs, they don't stay long
i kiss you goodbye
suddenly, suddenly, suddenly
you're gone.
Track Name: Homeless Hearts
is it love or is it wrong, i only know it cannot be undone
my homeless heart doesn't know where to start, so it will keep on running nowhere
it took me 25 years to discover that i was born already guilty
no matter what i do, it will always be untrue, there you go, i'm no longer a boy
homeless hearts and innocent thoughts will never get along in this world
Track Name: Across The Sea
will my hollow bones carry my weight?
do i know how to spread my wings?
will i find my friends across the sea?
do i know how to escape the bigger birds?
in the south, there will be food and sun
but none of that matters if i lose my frineds
so i guess, i'll just have to fly away
untill i reach my new home
Track Name: Into "The Forever" We Hum
Into "The Forever" we hum, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.