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Wixel - Slaapliedjes

by wixel

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WOLF 359 03:04
HAT-P-9 02:41
Sher 25 03:05
Gliese 229 03:39
WR 102ka 05:14
AE Aquarii 04:00
LBV 1806-20 04:17
R 126 03:11
6 Lyncis 05:04
Messier 40 06:16



Number four. April. One third of the 2009 project is done now. April was the first month where I severly experienced “aaah i hate this stupid project!”-feelings. Trying to make good music every day of the week can be quite frustrating. Especially because you know it is impossible to make 12 records full with excellent melodies and sounds. I doubt even Sonic Youth or Neil Young or whoever could pull that off. It is just too much. But that’s when creativity kicks in I guess. Suddenly I had the idea to forget about melodies, about rhythm, about shaping sounds. The only thing that would determine these songs is the density of notes and the choice of the instruments. More or less like Morton Feldman once said that the only thing important about a composition is the choice of its instruments.

I chose my electric guitar and my old jcm 800 amp (in need of going to the repairshop, there are weird things buzzing from time to time). Every song is built according to certain rules I set up before recording. Some were as vague as “Record 4 layers of guitar”, other were as detailed as “Use the exact same notes as 1979 by the Smashing Pumpkins, keeping the structure of the song, but ignoring melody and rhythm. Use 8 layers.”. The first one resulted in “Wolf 359”, the other one in “LBV 1806-20”. The consequence is that all songs are very different, yet they sound very alike. It depends on how you feel about them. Which is why I titled them after stars. They all look very similar, but they’re all quite unique. It’s a matter of scale. All songs are also part of my idea about “slaapwel records” music. They shouldn’t carry too many stories, but should reside on the thin line between pretty and boring.


released April 30, 2009

Recorded by Wim at Schaarbeek & Melsbroek - April 2009.
Artwork is by Jo.

All sounds are made with an old Jagmaster through a much older Marshall jcm 800amp. (And ofcourse the environmental sounds, I leave them in the recordings)

No thanks to hibah, the most wonderful dog, but he wasn't exactly silent when I was recording.


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